Answers to frequently asked questions

Discover what we can do for you and your small business.

General Questions


The setup process takes 1-2 business days. After the setup process is complete, the content and growth strategies will begin. See samples!


For Facebook and Google+ we use the “manager” feature to access your accounts. No username or password.  For Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn we need the email and password of your accounts since there is no “manager” feature for those social channels.


There is no commitment and you can cancel anytime. Your designated social media account manager will discuss strategy and overall direction of your social media channels. Afterward, your manager will start posting and growing your social channels immediately. Get started!


You will receive an individualized strategy for your business. Content or “posts” will contain a line or two of text followed by high quality media. All of our content is clean, professional and relevant. We encourage clients to provide any marketing materials such as logos, articles, pictures or videos to their account manager, but not required.


We respond to fans questions or comments, monitor spam and engage directly with fans and followers. This is beneficial for businesses that want to increase on-page activity. The goal is to engage highly targeted potential customers and get them buzzing about our clients social media pages. Interaction management levels vary. View pricing!

SoPeachy’s Other Services

Our clients often request services beyond marketing. To provide a more comprehensive solution we offer the following other services: database, pc repair, IT admin and WordPress design. Hire SoPeachy Websites.

Advertising Questions


With your goals in mind we can recommended precise ad-spends to reach your targets. Boost your reach by 25k-50k people with every $100!


We can use your email list to build advertisements and target a custom audience of related ‘look-a-like’ users for your specific market niche.


Multi-ad testing is the process of building multiple ads in a campaign to test specific aspects of those ads and see which ad performs better.

Working With Our Team


With every plan you get a qualified expert to manage your business’s social presence. Available 8am–4pm PST. You also have the option to contact our 24/7 email for immediate solutions.

Partners and UpWork

If your advertising spend is under $1,000/mo., you can still hire our team for short term projects. Check out the SoPeachy Agency on UpWork to hire us. Referral, reseller and affiliate inquiries welcome. Let’s partner!